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Areas of Expertise & Practice

We represent our clients in areas of Civil law, Corporate law, Probate & Estate, land law, Criminal law, Intellectual property law, investment advisory and administrative law. We help clients of different industries and other stakeholders mediate, litigate or seek other alternative dispute resolution for ends of justice to meet with minimal expenditure.

We represent business entities of all types such as corporations, government authorities, partnerships, sole proprietorships, Associations, Organisations, Joint Ventures and New market ventures. We offer timely and professional advice to our clients in order to enable them take balanced decisions.

Civil Law

For the last decade, the firm has earned its place both in Uganda and outside Uganda in this area. The firm has also contributed to a lot of jurisprudence in Uganda through litigation in broad aspects of legal practice. Whereas its said that cases are won and lost in chambers, we often follow this principle to give our clients the best remedy that is cost effective and not time consuming. We mediate and or litigate cases in civil law based on law and client result expectations.
We deal in a wide spectrum in cases of defamation, breach of contract, negligence, property damage, tort, family relations, injury, damages and so forth.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate law is the body of law governing the rights, relations and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses.
Commercial law while is also known as mercantile law or trade law, it is a body of law that applies to rights, relations and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade and sales. This though often is categorized as a branch of civil law in Uganda, it is mostly practiced along with corporate law and all matters of this nature are filed in the high court commercial division.

Employment Law

The firm overtime has not only trained advocates who have excelled in this area over the years but also helped organizations, N.G.Os, companies and government authorities to structure themselves with solid employment structures and laws that have propelled progress.
We do not only provide consultancy in this area but also litigation at the industrial court where necessary.
We extend our services to foreign companies and individuals to process work permits and visa extensions.
The success of your business can often depend on your relationship with employees. Does your business have the right policies and procedures in place? We represent employers who want to make the best choices for their business.

Sports Law

The firm has been directly involved in arbitration and litigation in this particular area.
The firm has filed suits against the illegal establishment of Federation of Uganda Football Associations, Attorney General of Uganda and National Council of Sports in Uganda since 2015 representing different stakeholders that range from players, affiliated FUFA Associations, coaches, referees, ex-internationals and shadow sports minister in the parliament of Uganda ,Hon Allan Ssewanyana.
The firm has a filed first of its kind lawsuit in the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) against FIFA and FUFA when it represented Daniel Walusimbi & other stakeholders. The case went up to Supreme Court of Switzerland on appeal.
The firm is dedicated towards promoting rule of law in sports and minimizing corruption in football on pro bono basis.

Criminal Law

This is an area which we practice for a few of our clients who get into trouble with the law.
Our Mulindwa Allan has a 100% record on acquittals for the last decade as a result of thorough preparation prior to the case.
Throughout practice, many clients find themselves trapped in the criminal web arising from land and civil matters or out of ignorance.
The firm provides timely advice to avoid criminal prosecutions and also to defend clients.
The firm has also engaged itself in private prosecutions in public actions of corruption where the state has been complacent.

Land Law

With the increase in the population in Uganda and raise in value of land, there have been surges in land disputes in Uganda. The land policy of government has caused unnecessary land disputes which have caused loss of property and life.
As a firm, we have transitioned ourselves to be agents of change by shaping jurisprudence. We have filed pro-bono actions to protect the poor and vulnerable Ugandans. This is an area of practice where the firm has shaped itself to be one of the most respectable firms in East Africa.
We also adjudicate for the truth as guiding principle in this area of practice by focusing on the precepts.

Building & Construction Law

We provide developers, contractors, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers fast cost effective and sound legal advice to resolve construction and building law disputes. We have worked with notable firms with vast experience in Uganda of over 60 years such as Peatfield & Bodgener Architects who we are proud to associate.
We offer a wide range of servicing in contract drafting and advisory.

Legal Consultation

The firm has been engaged in development consultancies with the Republic of South Sudan in formalization of the special economic zone (SEZ).
The firm has also been retained by stop counterfeit products Africa, a civic organization fighting substandard & counterfeit products in Uganda in collaboration with the republic of Uganda.
We are specialized in legal consultancies that may entail sub-contracting other professionals to meet the needs of our client’s projected expectations.

Environmental Law & Public Action Litigation

The firm has in the interest of protecting the environment filed several public action cases against environmental violators or degraders.
Though the firm was retained initially by the National Environmental Authority as its external lawyers, the firm has not been deterred by the former relationship to sue the authority were it has been backtracking on its statutory mandate.
The firm has filed notable and sizeable number of public action suits to make the government accountable and to protect ordinary citizens who are ignorant of their rights.

Probate & Estate

The firm handles probate litigation as the need arises. At Mulindwa Associates & Co. Advocates we recognize how frustrating it is to handle a loved one’s estate. We can work towards a successfull resolution of family disputes while we remain sensitive to the family relationships.


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